Sunday, June 10, 2007

3 Sure Fire Ways To Earn Extra Money At Home

In this article I am going to discuss whether it is possible to earn extra money at home, and give three practical methods which you could follow.

Is it possible to earn extra money at home? I get asked this question all the time by people who just need a bit of extra cash, but don?t want to have to go out in the dark and the cold to a part-time job in the evenings. Making money from home seems to be a panacea for all your money woes and you get to be comfortable at the same time. So is it possible? Well you would have to declare any money you made to the taxman, and some houses have restrictions on them that do not allow you to use the premises as a base of operations for any business activities ? but yes it is very possible to earn extra money at home.

Here are some ideas of how to earn extra money at home:

Idea #1
Make homemade soap. The name gives it away doesn?t it? You can make soap in your kitchen if you have just a few tools, some soap can be made with just a microwave and some bowls! This is a fantastic way to earn extra money at home, and it has the scope to expand as you become more proficient. To sell the soap then you can get a stall at markets or carboot sales, contact owners of small shops or even large shops if you are enterprising enough!

Idea #2
Make homemade candles. You knew that was coming! Yes you can earn money at home from making candles too, and with your new found skills from making soap you should take to this with ease. They compliment each other nicely as well so you can have them all selling next to each other and you may tempt people to buy some of both rather than just one, therefore increasing the transaction size each time.

Idea #3
Make handcrafted wedding invites & birthday cards. People love to see handcrafted cards, they have an enduring appeal and are a great way to earn extra money at home. Again you can quickly pick up the skills and if you produce 5 cards of the same design each time you will reduce the time it takes as you can prepare the materials by doing it in bulk. At a couple of pounds each for normal mass-produced cards then you can expect to earn a tidy profit for each one you sell.

For those of you that are not gifted with crafts and would prefer a more subdued way to earn money at home, then I will be discussing some of these in a later article.
So in conclusion then it is absolutely possible to earn extra money at home and there are hundreds of different ways that you could do it, think of what you like doing and how you can profit from that!

By: Steve J Carter

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