Saturday, June 9, 2007

3 Money Making Tips

Whatever success means to you, money must play an important part in your success. Money will either be a goal for you or a means to get ahead in your journey of success. It?s true: money may not be the one thing that makes the world go round, but it really makes the ride worthwhile.

Now here are three tips on how to make money. Two of them are the tried and tested principles of billionaire investor Warren Buffet and the third is a universal and indispensable principle for acquiring wealth or prosperity.

Warren Buffet says that his first rule for making money is ?do not lose money.? How right he is.

Many people are used to letting their dimes slip away when their pockets are full but later come to long for their pennies when broke. Take care of your finances, especially when your cup is full.

Money is a resource that must be managed well if you are to enjoy long term financial freedom and success.

The second rule from Warren Buffet is ?do not forget rule number 1? as the wise old wit puts it. It is an emphasis on the first rule to never lose money.

If you think this rule is of no consequence, then you have are yet to know the old saying that you never miss the water till the well runs dry. If you would truly appreciate the value of money, no matter how small the amount, think of those days when you were really down to nothing and how much a single dollar meant to you in those days.

The third money making tip is SAVINGS. Ah what a simple word and yet how potent and indispensable it is in the accumulation of wealth. Make it a habit to save a certain proportion of your income at regular intervals. The money you will be accumulating can serve you in the future but what is even more important is the habit of saving that you would be cultivating.

Indeed a healthy cash reserve is good insurance for you whether it is for the business of running your personal life or operating an enterprise.

Implement these tips to make money and watch your financial status get better and better over time with persistence. The build up of a healthy balance will boost your self-confidence and add more fire to your enthusiasm.

By: Momodou Sabally
Momodou Sabally is the author of "Instant Success: The Ten Commandments of Personal Achievement and The Road to Enduring Riches". He has developed a series of articles for instant self-motivation available FREE at His articles will help you generate motivation and enthusiasm for success instantly.

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